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Discover Stinking Bishop Cheese

In the quaint countryside of Gloucestershire, England, lies a dairy farm that has garnered international attention, not for its picturesque landscapes, but for its notorious creation: Stinking Bishop cheese.

stinking bishop cheese

This cheese, named after the eccentric 19th-century farmer Frederick Bishop, is renowned for its pungent aroma, which has been likened to everything from sweaty socks to old feet. However, behind its overpowering smell lies a surprising secret – a mild, sweet flavor that has won over the palates of adventurous cheese connoisseurs worldwide.

Stinking Bishop is a washed-rind cheese, which means that during its maturation process, it is regularly bathed in a solution made from fermented pear juice. This unique method not only contributes to its distinctive odor but also imparts a subtle fruity sweetness to the cheese.

Despite its olfactory off-putting reputation, Stinking Bishop has found its place among the finest cheeses. Its creamy texture and complex flavor profile, which balances the tanginess of the rind with the delicate sweetness of the paste, have earned it accolades and a dedicated following.


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