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  • Lynn

Discover the Surprising Ally in Your Quest for a Radiant Smile!

Cheese lovers, rejoice! The beloved food can help to improve oral health.

Smile with white teeth.

A growing body of research has revealed a surprising ally in the fight against dental issues - cheese. While it may seem counterintuitive due to its high fat content, eating cheese is proving to be a natural and delicious way to help prevent cavities. A number of cheese's properties can help stop decay:

  • Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and phosphate, both of which are essential minerals for maintaining strong teeth and bones. Calcium strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to acid attacks, while phosphate works alongside calcium to repair damaged enamel.

  • Cheese contains casein proteins that help to form a protective layer over teeth, acting as a barrier against acid erosion. These proteins also aid in the repair and regeneration of tooth enamel.

  • Cheese is known to stimulate saliva production, which plays a crucial role in neutralizing acid levels in the mouth. Saliva helps to wash away food particles and harmful bacteria, effectively reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Turns out that a slice of cheese not only complements your meal, but also improves oral health!


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