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  • Madison

Don't Throw Out Your Crystalized Honey!

When stored correctly, honey is one of the foods that never expires. Even if honey had been sitting on your shelf for 1,000 years, that honey would still be good as the day you opened it!

Honey is primarily made up of 2 sugars, fructose and glucose. The glucose is what causes honey to crystalize. The glucose bonds with the water in the honey to form crystals. Over time, more and more crystals form, creating a completely solid layer. This gives honey that hard texture and cloudy appearance. Crystalized honey is safe to eat and the flavor is the same as runny honey - Only the texture has changed!

However, I recently learned from @thezenhenandthehoneybee on TikTok that if you take that crystalized honey and put it into a mixer, you can have the most amazing textured honey. To make it even better? Add some butter and some cinnamon - it is absolutely delicious!


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