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  • Lynn

Eating Blue Cheese May Help Manage Levels of Belly Fat

Not only is blue cheese rich in nutrients, but it may also help prevent obesity!

Blue cheese.

Because blue cheese has a high calcium content, even when compared to other types of cheese, it may help manage levels of belly fat. According to WebMD, "the calcium in blue cheese may also be linked to anti-obesity mechanisms that reduce body weight from fat. Studies have found that blue cheese consumption helps with managing levels of visceral fat around the abdominal area and maintaining gut health. Excessive levels of visceral fat have been associated with higher mortality rates."

In addition, blue mold cheeses may reduce risk of heart disease. It contains a compound known as spermidine which is thought to lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The WebMD states that "while the exact reason for this effect remains unclear, researchers believe that spermidine has a positive effect on cardiac muscle cells and other parts of the cardiovascular system."

Who knew?!


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