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Everyone's Favorite Pickles Are Turning Into a Hard Seltzer

Could this be the hard seltzer of the summer? Let's just say it appears to be a pretty big dill.

Have you ever eaten Grillo's Pickles? If you have, then you undoubtedly enjoy them. But do you love them so much that you drink the juice too? According to Eddie Andre, Grillo's Pickles vice president of brand, many Grillo's fans do just that. For this reason, and just in time for seltzer season, Grillo's Pickles has announced that they've collaborated with the Philadelphia-based seltzer brand Two Robbers on a pickle-flavored hard seltzer.

Prepare to pucker up because each batch of the drink (5%ABV) is made using 20 gallons of Grillo's original dill pickle brine!

This isn't the first tangy seltzer to hit the market. Back in 2021, Crook & Marker released a flavor called Afternoon Dillight, but it was only available as a limited-release item and is no longer available. Therefore, the pickle seltzer market has been wide open - and us pickle lovers have been patiently waiting!

Don't worry though, you shouldn't have to hunt too hard for Grillo's Pickle Seltzer, as it will be sold in supermarkets such as Giant, Wegman's, Whole Foods, and liquor stores when it's released this summer.

An Instagram post from Grillo's and Two Robbers has gathered quite a lot of attention, with many people expressing their excitement for the new collab.

"WELL here comes my drink of the summer," one person commented.

"Wut. My two favorite things…how is this possible," another added.

One person took time to graciously thank the pickle gods, writing, "The pickle girl in me has been activated at my highest level. Thank you pickle gods. (The lack of pickle emoji is criminal)."

There were of course those a bit skeptical about the beverage too.

"Oh I love pickle juice but idk how I’d feel about it in this drink here," one skeptic wrote.

"Pickle people must be stopped," another user chimed in.

Will Grillo's Pickles Hard Seltzer be the drink of the summer?


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