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Fireball Unleashes Elegance: The Dragnum Classy Collection

In a surprising twist, Fireball Whisky is breaking free from its late-night bar and frat party stereotype to make its mark on fancy soirees and holiday dinners with the exclusive Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection, according to Mashed. Following the success of Fireball Dragnum introduced in August, the brand has now transformed the sleek champagne-style bottle into the centerpiece of a luxurious holiday package that redefines the way we perceive flavored whisky.

The Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection is more than just a pretty face – it's a sophisticated experience. Encased in a stylish gift box, the package includes two crystal shot glass flutes that seamlessly blend the worlds of champagne and cinnamon-infused whisky. These flutes, with their elegant stems, bring an air of refinement to the classic Fireball experience.

But that's not all. The collection also features Dragon Egg Caviar, a delightful twist that challenges preconceived notions about whisky pairings. Fear not, as this unconventional "caviar" may look the part, but it's all about the texture and appearance. Rest assured, there are no fish eggs here. The unexpected harmony of cinnamon liqueur and faux caviar adds a touch of whimsy to this exclusive collection.

While the packaging may mimic traditional champagne with its wire cage, foil wrapping, and cork-like topper, one sip of the Fireball Dragnum reveals its true character – a burst of classic spicy sweetness that only Fireball Whisky can deliver. It's a celebration in every sense, perfect for elevating any festive occasion.

For those eager to get their hands on the limited-edition Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection, the moment arrives at 10 a.m. EST on December 12. Priced at $50, this exclusive set is available for purchase online at ReserveBar. Vegan and vegetarian friends and family are not left out, as the "caviar" in this collection is gelatin-free. However, act fast – there's a one-per-customer limit on this classy offering.

For those who miss out on the Classy Collection, fear not! The 1.75-liter Fireball Dragnum will be available for $24.99 throughout the season and into 2024, ensuring that the Fireball festivities continue long after the holidays have passed. So, let the cinnamon-infused elegance of Fireball Dragnum Classy Collection redefine your whisky experience this holiday season!


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