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Flat Croissants: Love It or Hate It, You Can't Ignore the Craze!

The Flattened Croissant Phenomenon: A Love-Hate Affair

In the ever-evolving world of culinary trends, there's a new twist – or rather, a flattening – in the realm of pastries: the flat croissant. It might feel almost sacrilegious to suggest tampering with the beloved flaky layers of a classic croissant, but believe it or not, people are not only embracing it but also savoring the experience. And where better to explore this controversial twist than at Alexander's Patisserie in the heart of Mountain View, California?

Flat Croissant from Alexander's Patisserie in Mountain View, California
Flat Croissant from Alexander's Patisserie in Mountain View, California Photo: Alexander's Patisserie Instagram

The Genesis of a Trend

At the epicenter of the flat croissant revolution stands Alexander's Patisserie, where each of these unconventional pastries undergoes a meticulous seven-hour crafting process. Responding to the fusion of consumer curiosity and inspiration drawn from Korean cuisine, Alexander's Patisserie unveiled its flattened croissants earlier this year, priced at $6.50 each. These crispy, crunchy, and buttery delights come in three exquisite variations: the classic natural butter flavor and the more adventurous dipped versions, boasting mango or strawberry chocolate coatings.

Instagram Buzz and Diverse Reactions

Once the bakery shared its avant-garde creation on Instagram, the response was a mix of excitement and skepticism. Enthusiastic fans flooded the comments, expressing their intrigue and even suggesting innovative twists like adding cheese to the flattened pastry. However, some traditionalists couldn't help but voice their concerns in French, questioning why anyone would tinker with the perfection of a classic croissant. One passionate croissant aficionado exclaimed, "Why do people want to tinker with perfection?! A croissant is the pinnacle of patisserie. I can't stand people filling it or putting stuff on it! IT IS PERFECT AS IS!"

Whether you hold steadfast to the traditional charm of a classic croissant or revel in the thrill of gastronomic innovation, the flat croissant is a celebration of the harmonious blend of tradition and experimentation!


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