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Flex Your Taste Buds at This Unique Croissant-Themed Gym

Are you ready to flex your taste buds and work out your appetite? South Korea's artistic dessert concept, Nudake, has just expanded its imaginative horizons with a new, quirky destination. Welcome to “GYM” – a place where the only lifting you’ll do is lifting delicious croissant creations to your mouth.

Located within the trendy Haus Nowhere store by South Korean eyewear label Gentle Monster in Shanghai, this unique gymnasium is a playful nod to the delicious irony of carbs and exercise. Nudake’s GYM turns the idea of fitness on its head with a delightful twist – everything here is inspired by croissants!

Picture this: barbell-shaped croissants, croissant treadmills, and even croissant weightlifting equipment. The fun doesn’t stop there. The seating area features oversized dinner roll cushions, making every part of your visit a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The best part? These aren’t just static displays. Visitors can interact with some of the pieces, making your experience as engaging as it is delicious. Imagine sitting on a giant dinner roll while taking a bite of a barbell croissant – it’s a carb lover’s dream come true.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a pastry aficionado, Nudake's GYM at Haus Nowhere is a must-visit. It’s a deliciously fun escape from the ordinary, where you can indulge in whimsical, mouth-watering creations that are almost too good to eat – but too tempting not to.

So, go ahead and carb load at this one-of-a-kind croissant gym. It’s a workout you won’t want to miss!


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