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Freeze Instant Coffee Packets for Caffeinated Popsicles

If you love iced coffee, you'll definitely enjoy trying these quick and easy coffee popsicles!

Using instant coffee packets that have all of the required ingredients - instant coffee, sugar, and milk powder - you can make a quick caffeinated popsicle for a hot summer day! All you need for this is some instant coffee packets, hot water, and a bit of patience.

TikTok content creator @eunchaejachae showcased how to make travel-sized coffee ice pops using nothing but instant coffee and the packaging it comes in. In their video, @eunchaejachae, uses Maxim, a Korean instant coffee, that comes ready to make with included sweetener and non-dairy creamer. They pour several packs into a cup and prepare it using boiling water as the instructions say.

Then, they allow the coffee to come to room temperature. Once it’s cool, pour it back into its original packet (a funnel can help), and then set them upright in a cup so they don’t spill over. Place them in the freezer for three to four hours, and you’ll have a travel-friendly coffee popsicle!

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