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French Fry Frozen Yogurt: The Unlikely Flavor Sensation Sweeping the Nation

Who could have predicted that the latest innovation in the frozen dessert world would involve French fries? Yes, you read that right. The beloved national frozen dessert brand, 16 Handles, has taken a bold leap into uncharted territory by eliminating the middleman for those who love to dip their French fries into soft serve. They’ve introduced a revolutionary French fry soft serve flavor that’s set to tantalize taste buds in the most unexpected way.

French Fry Frozen Yogurt
French Fry Frozen Yogurt Photo: 16 Handles

A Sweet and Salty Symphony

The combination of sweet and salty has long been hailed as a culinary masterpiece. Think chocolate-covered pretzels or salted caramel, where the contrast in flavors creates a delightful experience for the palate. Now, 16 Handles has brought this concept to life in their new French Fry Frozen Yogurt. Imagine the familiar salty crunch of French fries paired with the creamy sweetness of frozen yogurt. It’s an intriguing blend that promises to redefine your dessert expectations.

A Playful Nod to Fast Food Giants

To stir up some excitement and perhaps a bit of friendly rivalry, 16 Handles has cleverly taken a playful jab at McDonald’s, a fast-food giant known for its perpetually broken ice cream machines. Scattered across New York City, vibrant red and yellow billboards promote the new French Fry Frozen Yogurt flavor with cheeky taglines like, “Sorry, our French fry machine is down,” and “I’m handlin’ it.” This clever marketing move not only highlights the novelty of the new flavor but also adds a touch of humor to the campaign, making it all the more memorable.

Limited-Time Delight

The French Fry Frozen Yogurt flavor has made its grand debut at all of the brand’s 30+ locations nationwide. However, this unique treat is available for a limited time only, with availability lasting until mid-July. So, if you’re curious to experience this unconventional flavor fusion, now is the perfect time to head to your nearest 16 Handles location.

16 Handles has managed to capture the essence of culinary adventure with their French Fry Frozen Yogurt flavor. By blending the unexpected with the familiar, they’ve created a dessert that not only satisfies cravings but also sparks joy and curiosity. Whether you’re a frozen yogurt enthusiast or a lover of all things sweet and salty, this new flavor is a must-try.


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