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Gourmet TRUFF Black Truffle Salt on Oprah’s 2022 Favorite Things List!

It seems like the holidays creep up on us more quickly every year. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and Oprah just released her list of 2022 Favorite Things for the holidays! One particular product that stands out for foodies is the gourmet truffle brand – TRUFF. They recently introduced their latest new product, TRUFF Black Truffle Salt! What makes it even more special is that it has a lot to offer for even the most discerning palates not to mention being a great gift! But what is so special and unique about it?

TRUFF’s co-founder and Co-CEO, Nick Ajluni is committed to giving consumers quality products at a reasonable price. Truffle infused products are all the rage now, so what could be better than to buy your loved ones a unique truffle condiment or sauce! Their new Truffle infused sea salt offers customers an easy and versatile way to elevate food flavors with just a little pinch. It’s noteworthy flavor and beautiful bottle takes the flavor of your everyday pantry staples to new heights.

TRUFF’s new Black Truffle Salt is available in a 5.3 ounce jar on in their Starter Pack gift set. The packaging is an elegant black box with gold foil and features the brand’s Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce, Black Truffle Oil and the NEW BLACK TRUFFLE SALT. You can purchase these products either on,, or Oprah’s FAVORITE THINGS gift guide which is exclusively available on Amazon. The TRUFF brand is also now available in retail stores including Costco, Publix, Target and more!

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