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Heinz Is Releasing a Brand New Line of Spicy Ketchup!

Heinz has been selling ketchup since 1869, creating a condiment that is perfect for topping burgers, dipping french fries, or mixing to create other sauces. Now, the classic ketchup brand is releasing 3 spicy ketchup flavors in the Heinz Hot Varieties line!

The Chipotle Ketchup

The mildest of the group, with Heinz rating it a 2/6 spiciness level. Perfect for consumers who want just a little heat.

Jalapeño Ketchup

Craving something a little spicier? The jalapeño ketchup earned a 4/6 spiciness level.

Habanero Ketchup

The spiciest ketchup in the lineup, with a 5/6 spice level rating.

All 3 flavors will feature the peppers blended into classic Heinz ketchup, giving fans that familiar ketchup taste with a little extra kick! Additionally, Heinz will sell a spicy version of its Heinz 57 sauce, appropriately called Hot 57.

The Heinz Hot 57 Sauce will blend the herbs and spices of the brand's 57 sauce with red jalapeño peppers. The sauce is typically used as a marinade or a dip for foods, and this will be the first new release for the 57 line in more than a decade!

The new products were inspired by the trend of younger fans enjoying spicier foods. Nearly 50% of all U.S Millennial and Gen Z condiment buyers not only regularly use spicy sauces, but also actively seek a greater variety of spicy flavor options - according to an April 4 press release.

The sauces will soon be available nationwide, so keep an eye out!


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