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Hold On, Can Bananas Actually Conduct Electricity?

Can bananas conduct electricity? It's probably not a question many have pondered while enjoying their banana nut muffins, but it's worth answering.

Although bananas are unlikely to power your house, it turns out that bananas are capable of conducting electricity, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to LiveScience, fruit and vegetables like bananas are ionic conductors (which contain both positive and negative charges), which means they can conduct electricity.

Michael Hickner, a professor at Penn State, explained to LiveScience, "Fruits and vegetables conduct electricity in the same way a salt solution will complete an electrical circuit." Fruit high in either potassium or sodium conduct electricity better than others. As many know, banana is a source of potassium, containing over 400 mgs.

Anything with a sufficient amount of superconductive ions would work. For example, pickles and potatoes hold many of the same qualities that make bananas good conductors.

Several inventors have created video game controllers made of almost nothing but bananas. For instance, one YouTuber beat the notoriously difficult game "Dark Souls 3" by using bananas instead of a traditional controller. Meanwhile, video game developer DaniDev also created a racing game that was specifically built for a banana steering wheel.


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