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Hot Ones Takes on Panda Express for a Sizzling Collaboration!

Get ready to set your taste buds ablaze because Panda Express is bringing the heat like never before! Partnering with the fiery sensations from the YouTube talk show "Hot Ones," they've unveiled their latest culinary marvel: the sizzling Blazing Bourbon Chicken. This limited-edition dish, featuring the infamous Last Dab Apollo hot sauce, is a must-try for spice enthusiasts and flavor adventurers alike. But hurry, it's only available until January 2!

But wait, Panda Express isn't the only one turning up the culinary thermometer with "Hot Ones." Remember Hot Pockets? They've joined the party too, revamping their frozen lineup with even spicier variations, thanks to the influence of the web show. And who can forget when Shake Shack spiced up their menu with four special items born out of their collaboration with "Hot Ones" in 2022?

You might need to brace yourself for the bold flavors of the Blazing Bourbon Chicken, as this tongue-tingling masterpiece is not for the faint of heart. Currently gracing 50 of Panda Express's 2,300+ locations nationwide, this dish is set to redefine the meaning of spicy.

If you've ever fancied yourself on the set of "Hot Ones," Panda Express has your back with the new Blazing Bourbon Chicken. It's crafted with the one and only Apollo pepper, giving it a fiery kick that will make you sweat in the most satisfying way possible. Imagine indulging in crispy boneless chicken bites and a stir-fried veggie medley, all coated in a tantalizing blend of "Hot Ones" Last Dab Apollo hot sauce and Sweet Bourbon goodness.

But how did this culinary explosion come about, you ask? Well, inspired by the flavors of Taiwanese popcorn chicken, this Panda Express masterpiece boasts a crispy coating that guarantees a satisfying crunch with every bite.

According to Mashed, a correspondent that was lucky enough to attend the epic press event, discovered the secret behind the spicy sauce: a tantalizing mix of bourbon, honey, smoke, and of course, the Last Dab hot sauce. It wasn't easy for the "Hot Ones" crew to persuade Panda Express to go all-in on the spiciest sauce, but their joint creativity resulted in a concoction that's simply irresistible to adventurous taste buds everywhere.

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