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How Cheese in England Breaks People's Bones!

Ok so maybe the cheese itself doesn't break your bones but the annual Gloucester cheese chase might! Held in the English county of Gloucestershire, this is an event for any and all to participate, if you're daring enough!

This thrilling cheese chase is thought to be around 200-600 years old and involves rolling down the steep Cooper's Hill after a block of Gloucester cheese. The winner gets to take home the nutty and buttery wheel of bliss😁 It can surely be said that Cheese Rolling is one of the more unique customs in Britain held every year. If you're intrigued as to what a cheese chase in action looks like, check out the video at the bottom of this article.

While the cheese can never actually be caught, with a brief head start, it soon reaches breakneck speeds! The Cheese Rolling winner is the first person to cross the line at the bottom of the hill. Each year the event results in various injuries, including broken ankles, sprained wrists, and concussions. This explains the number of paramedics waiting at the bottom of the slope!

Unless Covid-19 restrictions are brought back, the annual Gloucester cheese chase will be held on June 5 this year. The races will be restricted to 25 people at a time.

Crowds line the dauntingly steep Cooper's Hill to watch brave souls hurl themselves down in pursuit of a delicious wheel of Double Gloucester Cheese. Contestants running full speed downhill results in stumbling over their own feet and rather ungraciously if I do say so myself, tumbling down the hill! Surely this event brings great belly laughs and fun for all spectating, and thankfully not many very serious injuries. This unique event has become world famous, attracting participants from all over the world, to chase after a wheel of cheese! This is how cheese in England breaks people's bones😊

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