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How Is Burrata Made?

How do cheesemakers achieve the perfect texture that burrata is known for?

Burrata cheese with fork
Burrata cheese with fork.

Burrata is a soft cheese, that has an outer shell of mozzarella and an interior filled with fresh curd and rich cream. It is typically made with cow or buffalo milk. Have you ever wondered how cheesemakers get the luxurious, creamy filling inside of the mozzarella shell?

Crafting burrata requires skill and precision. It starts out a lot like fresh mozzarella. The curds are submerged in hot whey or brine, and left to melt into a flexible paste. Cheesemakers hand-pull the curd until it reaches the perfect consistency. Once the perfect texture is obtained, the cheese is formed into small, soft pouches that are then filled with torn strings of mozzarella and thick, rich cream. The cheese pouches are then knotted shut. The burrata is then packed in brine and off it goes to market!


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