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New Fruit Roll-Ups with Ice Cream Trend!

If you've spent some time scrolling through the food trends on TikTok, you've probably seen people snacking on a peculiar combo: a scoop of ice cream wrapped inside a Fruit Roll-Up.

It sounds absurd, I know.

This seemingly bizarre mashup of a frozen treat and an iconic 90's lunchbox staple has taken hold of social media - and for good reason!

This food craze started when TikToker @golisdream shared a video of what they call "my sweet guilty pleasure."

The recipe is as simple as it sounds. Unwrap a Fruit Roll-Up (any flavor you like), place a dollop of ice cream or sherbert in the center, and gather the corners together so they adhere to envelop the ice cream. The result? Unbelievably delicious, mouth-watering, satisfying, juicy medley of a sweet interior within a chewy, fruity outer shell.

The best part? I know I said it's chewy, but once you sink your teeth into this insane creation, an audible crunch is produced! Thanks to a bit of chemistry, the coldness of the ice cream has the power to quickly transform the room temperature, pliable outer layer into a brittle husk that shatters when punctured.

Not only does the combination of ice cream and Fruit Roll-Ups taste delicious together, but it also sounds delicious, too. Literally!


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