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Ice Cream Flower Bouquets Actually Exist!

If you've ever been indecisive about what flavor of ice cream you want to get, then you need to visit this delicious shop in New York City.

Stuffed Ice Cream Shop, located in East Village, offers a floral bouquet-styled ice cream cone, where for $28 you get to pick out 10 different flavors that are all piled onto one cone!

TikTok content creator @boujeebitesonly visits this beloved shop and shows us how she created her own custom ice cream flower bouquet. She wanted to go for a rainbow effect, so she chose a bunch of bright colored flavors. Hidden inside the cone are three scoops, so she chose seven of the most vibrant scoops to go on top as the "blossoms." Her mouthwatering flavor choices were pistachio almond cookie, strawberry shortcake, Fruity Pebbles, Andes peppermint, Cookie Monster, white chocolate lavender, and mango colada!

Stuffed Ice Cream Shop has a wide variety of delicious flavors available. From cookie monster to orange Thai tea, Stuffed has just about every combo you could ever dream about and the best part? You can try them all in one cone!

If you do choose to indulge in this ice cream bouquet, you may want to visit with a friend or two to help dig in. Don't worry, they do offer boxes you can take with you to place the cone in as it starts to melt!

Surprisingly, these bouquets came up by accident, according to Jackie Luu, one of the co-founders of the ice cream shop. "One day I was playing around, trying to put nine scoops on a cone, and it got to a point where we knew we were going to make 20 flavors, so we wanted to throw 20 scoops on a cone," he said. "And we ended up throwing 21 scoops." - via Good Morning America.

As impractical as they may seem, these stunning sweet treats are a unique balancing act that are a big hit in the age of extra-ness on social media!


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