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  • Lynn

In Paris, It Is Illegal to Eat This Cheese on Public Transportation

It is common courtesy to refrain from eating smelly food on public transportation, but is rarely outlawed---except in the case of Époisses de Bourgogne cheese.

Epoisses cheese

Époisses is a French smear-ripened cheese, which means that its surface is sprayed with brine during the aging process, allowing bacteria to form that contributes to the cheeses' flavor. When aging, Époisses is rinsed three times a week with a mixture of water and Marc de Bourgogne brandy, giving the cheese its signature "stinky feet" odor. Despite its stench that many consider offensive, its flavor is delicate, complex and slightly spicy.

Its smell is so pungent that it has been banned on the Métro in Paris.

If you live in the United States would like to be the judge of Époisses's smell versus taste, it is available for purchase at many cheese shops within the country. It can also be ordered online from igourmet and Murray's Cheese.


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