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  • Lynn

Is the Espresso Tonic the Drink of the Summer?

In search of the 2023 drink of the summer, Food & Wine social media editor Merlyn Miller "tried mixing espresso with a variety of other liquids, hoping to discover a new coffee pairing for the people." Eventually, she stumbled upon something magnificent: the espresso tonic.

While she does not claim to have invented this drink, she hopes to share her newfound love of this beverage to the masses. The recipe is simple: a shot or two of espresso poured over tonic water. It is important to pour the tonic first and then the espresso, or the drink will get too foamy.

It's basically a carbonated iced Americano! Add an orange slice and you've got yourself the perfect refreshing non-alcoholic beverage for summertime. We're looking forward to trying this caffeinated concoction now that the weather is warming up!


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