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Brew Specialty Coffee Drinks Right From Your Phone With Keurig’s Newest Coffee Machine!

Coffee lovers, rejoice! "From Macchiatos to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Keurig's Newest Connected Brewer Creates Delicious Coffeehouse Beverages from your Kitchen Counter" (Source).

On September 8, 2022, Keurig Dr Pepper introduced their newest Keurig coffee machine: the K-Café® SMART. The K-Café® SMART can make many coffeehouse-inspired drinks, most in 3 minutes or less! The coolest thing about this machine: it uses Keurig's BrewID™ technology which can detect the type of K-cup that is inserted in the machine and suggest recipes on the Keurig mobile app based on that K-cup variety. There are over 70 recipes to choose from, such as Pumpkin Spice Lattes, London Fog Lattes and Cinnamon Macchiatos.

The press release states that, "beyond customizable recipes, BrewID delivers distinctively delicious, full-flavored coffee by recognizing the specific brand and roast of each K-Cup pod and automatically customizing the brew settings to the recommendations of the coffee roasting expert who created it."

In addition to this super cool technology, the K-Café® SMART has a milk frother with three different speeds. It also "features Keurig's MultiStream Technology™, which uses five streams of water instead of one concentrated stream to thoroughly saturate the coffee grounds more evenly throughout the pod for full flavor and aroma in every cup."

As if this coffee maker couldn't get any more epic, the Keurig app has many other features that correspond with the K-Café® SMART, including but not limited to "Barista Mode™: A step-by-step, guided process with visual demonstrations for crafting coffeehouse beverages at home with zero coffee expertise required; Increased Discovery: BrewID helps users discover and craft new coffeehouse beverages with tailored drink recommendations based on their existing coffee preferences; and Coffee Expert Knowledge: Detailed descriptions that explain what makes each coffeehouse drink unique so users will never confuse a cappuccino with an americano again."

The K-Café® SMART can be purchased on for $249.99. At the time of writing this article, the coffee maker has 81 5-star reviews. Watch out Starbucks, the K-Café® SMART is coming for the coffee crown!


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