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  • Lynn

Kettle Brand Releases 7 Layer Dip Chips

Tailgate season is in full swing! And what better way to celebrate this time-honored tradition of pre-game festivities than with the announcement of Kettle Brand's newest creation: 7-layer dip flavored potato chips!

Kettle Brand, renowned for its commitment to crafting delicious, all-natural potato chips, has once again pushed the boundaries of snacking innovation. This time, they're inviting fans to experience the flavors of a beloved party dish in the form of crispy, kettle-cooked chips.

Imagine indulging in the quintessential tailgate snack, the 7-layer dip, without the need for utensils or a plate. With Kettle Brand's 7-Layer Dip Flavored Chips, this dream has become a reality. The chips are designed to capture all the savory, creamy, and zesty layers of the classic dip in a single, bite-sized crunch. The chips are available now at retailers nationwide for an SRP of $5.29.


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