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Laura Chenel Launches Everything Bagel Chabis

Laura Chenel's newest fresh goat cheese is everything.

Laura Chenel, award-winning producer of goat cheeses located in Sonoma, California, recently introduced their newest product: Everything Bagel Chabis! This fresh and creamy American-made goat cheese is rolled in a savory blend of sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds and onion.

“We observed the popularity of everything bagel seasoning which pairs so well with our fresh goat cheese and inspired us to create Everything Bagel Chabis,” says Laura Chenel CEO Laure Chatard. “It’s a natural extension of our Fresh Goat Cheese Chabis line and a terrific opportunity to bring a fun, fresh flavor to the market.”

Laura Chenel creamy and fluffy Chabis retains more moisture than their classic goat logs, which gives it a creamier texture perfect for cooking or spreading. Laura Chenel reccoments spreading Everything Bagel Chabis on Bagels and fresh vegetables, stirred into dips, and mixed into eggs and pasta. Everything Bagel joins 4 other Chabis flavors: Original, Thyme & Rosemary, Four Peppercorn, and Dill.

Laura Chenel was founded in 1979 in Sonoma County, California by its namesake. Using techniques that she learned in France, Laura began making goat cheese with milk from the goats on her farm. Laura was very attached to her goats, and wanted to use their milk to craft something that would pay tribute to them. Today, Laura Chenel is led by these values and uses only local milk and supports farmers in providing a happy, humane life for the goats. Laura Chenel is the first American creamery to be awarded the LEED Gold certification for its commitment to sustainable practices.

Get your hands on Everything Bagel Chabis using the Laura Chenel store locator.


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