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Lipton's New Hard Iced Tea

For years, Lipton has made money from its line of teas, including black tea, green tea, and plenty of herbal and fruit blends - the brand even sells matcha tea. Now, it's listening to the trends and taking the tea business to new heights by offering its very first hard tea.

The new Lipton Hard Iced Teas contain 5% alcohol by volume and come in four flavors: Half and Half (iced tea and lemonade), Strawberry, Lemon and Peach. The drinks are not carbonated like hard seltzer, so they should be smooth and easy to drink just like regular iced tea. You’ll be able to find them in a 12-can variety pack.

“We’re so excited to launch these flavors just in time for the warm weather — you’re going to want to sip them all summer long,” said Lisa Texido, the brand director for “Lipton Hard Iced Tea,” in a statement according to an article.

The lemon iced tea is described as “tart” in flavor, while the peach flavor tastes like a “juicy” version of the fruit and one that will “stand out in the crowd,” Lipton said.

The strawberry flavored tea gives a “balanced blend” of ripe berries good for “sunshine-ready sipping,” in addition to the half and half flavor which is “Lipton iced tea meets the just-sweet-enough flavor of lemonade,” according to Lipton.

The new beverage is available nationwide and was designed with Lipton's traditional tea flavor in mind, which means you should be able to taste that distinct Lipton-ness in every sip!


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