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Little Moons Mochi Balls

Eating a Little Moon is quite a unique experience. They're made of 2 parts - A deliciously sweet, soft, and chewy rice flour dough that is steamed, pounded, and gently wrapped around a center of gelato ice cream.

These little bite sized mochi balls of perfection are unlike anything you've ever tasted before! It truly is ice cream from out of this world 😁

As 2 kids growing up in their parents' bakery in London, Viv and Howard were surrounded by a passion for creating amazing food. They spent 2 years tinkering and tampering with different recipes and techniques until they had developed a product they were ready to share. Little Moon's saw the power of mochi and how it can bring a smile to people's faces, even if they weren't quite sure exactly what it was!

Image Source: Little Moons Mochi Instagram

Created in small batches with love and care with slow churned ice cream, ensuring that there is less air, making for a more intense flavor. Little Moons prides themselves on their carefully selected ingredients and source the finest produce from around the world to provide the best ice cream flavors possible!

Click here to visit their website for a variety of Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream flavors.


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