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M&M's Unveils Championship Ring Bedazzled with Actual Diamonds Made From Peanut Butter Candy

In the countdown to the Big Game, M&M's has unleashed a teaser that's sending shockwaves through both candy enthusiasts and football fanatics alike. This time, the iconic candy brand is stepping into the world of bling by teaming up with NFL legends Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith, who might have missed out on Super Bowl rings but are now receiving a sweet consolation prize.

M&M's Championship Rings
M&M's Championship Rings Photo: M&M's

While the traditional championship ring may be reserved for the victors of the game, M&M's believes that these three gridiron greats deserve recognition for their remarkable careers. Introducing the "M&M’S Almost Champions Ring of Comfort," a dazzling piece of jewelry crafted entirely from the delectable candy itself.

The pièce de résistance? Actual diamonds made from M&M’S peanut butter candies. In a cutting-edge lab experiment, M&M's subjected their peanut butter candies to a high-pressure environment featuring temperatures soaring to a scorching 3,000°C and an astounding 800,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. The result? A collection of shimmering diamonds that rival even the most dazzling gems.

This candy-coated bling doesn't stop there. The 14K gold ring boasts an intricate design, featuring a diamond-encrusted replica of M&M’S Orange character. But the sweet surprise doesn't end with the visuals. M&M's has included a hidden compartment within the ring, specially crafted to cradle a single Peanut Butter M&M, ensuring that the wearer is never too far from a bite of comfort.

Terrell Owens, one of the NFL greats in the lineup, commended M&M’s unique approach, saying, "I’m no stranger to laying it all out on the field and still not seeing those efforts result in a win. You’re not going to win every game in life, which is why you’ve got to remember to have fun through it all. I applaud M&M’S for making a point to offer fun and comfort to everyone — especially in such an unexpected way" (via Food Beast).

M&M's has once again proven that they're not just about melting in your mouth, but also about making a bold statement. With the "Almost Champions Ring of Comfort," they've turned a near miss into a sweet victory, giving these NFL legends a sparkling reminder of their incredible journeys on and off the field. Check out the short teaser here and a 3D model of the ring here- a tantalizing taste of what happens when candy, diamonds, and football legends collide.


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