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Made to Melt: Meet Raclette Livradois AOP

Cheese enthusiasts, heed the call! Comfort food season won’t feel complete until you’ve sliced, shredded, or, for the cheese traditionalists, scraped slices of Fromagerie Livradois’ Raclette onto flame-broiled burgers, steaks, vegetables, and breads.

Faster than fondue and full of enough flavor to fuel any menu with the perfect touch of oozing, savory cheese-- Raclette, named from the French verb ‘racler’ meaning ‘to scrape’, is the world’s most famous melting cheese as well as a beloved dish originated by Alpine cheesemakers feasting upon boiled potatoes and cornichons topped with the cheese once it began melting from the heat of the fireside rock on which it was placed.

A semi-firm, cow's milk cheese from Auvergne, Raclette Livradois has a washed rind, which creates a pungent aroma met with a contrastingly mild-flavored, springy interior paste.

Raclette cheese

For an easy appetizer, pair a melted wedge with pickles, grilled vegetables, cured meats, and a bottle or two of your favorite Vouvray, Riesling, or Alsatian white. Invite over your nearest and dearest for a fabulous fondue party featuring the best melting cheese for all seasons.


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