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McDonald's Has A $200 Wedding Package

McDonald's Indonesia launched a wedding catering package, complete with a spread of nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and McFlurries. Would you travel to Indonesia to celebrate the McHappiest day of your life with 100 packs of four - piece chicken nuggets and 100 chicken sandwiches?

McDonald's announced its wedding catering via a post on the brand's official Instagram account.

The package starts at 3.5 million Indonesian rupiahs (about $231 U.S) and requires a 200-piece minimum (sounds pretty easy to me)! While it’s only available in Indonesia now, the package could arrive in the US if it takes off.

Indonesia’s brand-new wedding package comes several years after one branch of the fast-food company in Hong Kong revealed that they perform marriages inside the store, according to the Sun.

The basic “Happiness Party” package, which costs about $382, includes everything from invites, venue, audio equipment and food for an extra $127. - via NY Post.

If treating your guests to chicken sandwiches and nuggets after tying the knot is your kind of vibe, McDonald's Indonesia might be the destination wedding of your dreams!


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