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Mifroma Launches First Mobile Chalet

News provided by Mifroma USA.

STAMFORD, CT (October 21, 2022)Mifroma, the Swiss specialists in dairy products, is excited to announce the launch of its first traveling food truck aka., “mobile chalet.”

This Fall, the Mifroma mobile chalet will be heading to key markets to bring their art of tradition and taste of excellence to culinary consumer events and retailers with a Mobile Chalet sampling campaign, known as the “Chalet All Day” tour.

The mobile chalet is designed to showcase the craftsmanship, quality, versatility, and taste occasions of Mifroma signature cheeses. It invites guests to explore a taste of Switzerland and become immersed in the Mifroma story while driving retail demand for the products. Utilizing modern, approachable, and Swiss-inspired architecture, Mifroma brings to life an elegant cheese delicatessen tasting room to inspire consumers to try what Mifroma has to offer through the following experiences: Mifroma brand immersion, history and process education, cheese deli tasting stations, Swiss cafe seating areas and a retailer cheese availability card.

The Mifroma mobile chalet has hit the road and will be visiting key Mifroma retailers and partners in Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. Within these select markets, the Mifroma sales team will have the opportunity to build foodservice partnerships with restaurants, chefs, sales reps from the various retailers.

To increase awareness, educate and sample Mifroma cheeses from Switzerland, the “Chalet All Day” tour drives interest in Mifroma cheese occasions at home and conversions to cart while building relationships with established partners and provide a “Chalet” moment in their day to relax and enjoy Mifroma Cheese.

“We are really excited to launch this initiative as a way to support our corporate partners through building brand and product awareness with their staff and customers.” Says Isabelle, Key Account Manager with Mifroma.

As part of the tasting experience, guests learn about the “Maîtres Fromagers” traditions, their cheese selection process and the Ursy Cave maturing that makes Mifroma cheese the perfect table cheese. The experience directs guests to the deli tasting counter where they can see the Mifroma cheese products, showcasing the depth and versatility that can elevate any part of a meal.

Additionally, the Mifroma mobile chalet visited the Downtown Phoenix Farmer’s Market and the Texas Craft Brewers festival in Austin.

The tasting flight on the mobile chalet includes: Sweet: Apple Jelly & Gruyère; Savory: Melted Raclette over potatoes; Spice: Sage & Gruyere Sourdough bread

Mifroma Mobile Chalet

Mifroma Mobile Chalet

Mifroma cheese with accompaniments

Mifroma Le Gruyere cheese

About Mifroma It all began in Ursy... a small village in the Fribourg countryside. A quiet, peaceful place that was home to a hidden gem: an old quarry that offered the ideal environmental conditions for maturing cheese. Mifroma was founded in 1964 and the quarry was converted into a natural cheese cellar. From its beginnings as a Gruyère ripener, our company quickly established itself as the cheese specialist in Switzerland. For 25 years we have been distributing our products all over the world. Often pioneering and always attuned to the market, what makes us tick is our love of the product and authentic flavors, plus our respect for everything nature has given us and the time it takes to make exceptional cheese. For more information, visit and follow @mifromausa on Instagram.

Media Contact Isabelle Schilt 201-264-1638


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