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Miso Cider Spritz Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Following the preparation of a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and multiple pies, the thought of concocting a cocktail is likely the least priority on Thanksgiving. While wine is a perfectly acceptable option, it's the festive season, and you deserve something exceptional to complement the occasion. What's the ideal libation for such a bustling day? A spritz.

Developer Michelle McGlinn created a delightful miso cider spritz cocktail that exudes nutty aromas, combining rich miso flavors with the sweetness of apple cider. By preparing the miso-infused brandy in advance, assembling this cocktail becomes a breeze, sparing your busy hands from any extra hassle. Simply mix the brandy, cider, and prosecco in a glass, and relish the savory goodness alongside your Thanksgiving feast!


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