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  • Lynn

Montchevre Introduces Goat Cheese Duos

Why have one inventive Montchevre goat cheese flavor when you can have two? In a June 20, 2023 press release, the leading U.S. goat cheese brand Montchevre announced delicious new products set to hit grocery retail shelves this fall!

"New Montchevre Duos feature two-in-one flavor mashups in a unique goat cheese log form. The new Montchevre Duos will be available in Sweet Hot Peppers + Garlic & Herbs, a bold blend of spice and herbs wrapped around a piquant flavored core, and Blueberry + Lemonade, a sweet blueberry-flavored core enveloped by a refreshing citrusy lemon twist", the release states.

In addition to the new Duos, Montchevre announced an expansion to their line of goat cheese toppers. "Thai Sweet Chili, the newest flavor in the topped line portfolio, is a fragrant blend of sweet red peppers, lime, garlic and spices for a kick of heat."

These new items are expected to hit retail shelves in early fall 2023. We're counting down the days!


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