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National Eat What You Want Day

Chances are you're no longer a young teenager that can eat anything and everything they want guilt free. Despite that fact, today you can eat anything and everything you want, guilt free!

National Eat What You Want Day is a day for people to celebrate their right to eat whatever they want. This epic day is about indulging in your favorite foods, and not worrying about the calories or the fat content. It's a day to enjoy your food, and not feel guilty about it.

Celebrate your own personal foodie freedom with these mouth-watering, delicious, not so health-conscious recipes.

Poutine is a simple, yet indulgent Canadian dish made of crispy French fries and chunks of salty, softened cheese curds smothered in a tangy gravy. This holy trinity of ingredients merges to create something truly magical for your tastebuds!

If you've ever struggled to choose between mozzarella sticks and onion rings, you're not alone. This recipe has got your back by combining them both, so you'll never have to face such a cruel and impossible decision again!

The original Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts we all know and love! Now you can make them at home and eat them fresh. Don't worry, I'll probably eat one too many myself as well 😊

These doughnuts are dangerously delicious and easy to make... Beware!

This is "nacho" ordinary plate! This heaping pile of nachos is loaded with tri-tip, chicken, and sausage, then topped with melted cheese and all the classic fixings.

To say this cake is elegant would be an understatement. It's worthy of special occasions, and this is definitely a special one!

Basic mac and cheese gets an upgrade when it's fried and frittered until golden brown and crisp!

Transform your ordinary french fries into a hearty, savory, comfort food classic. These crispy chili cheese fries will hit the spot!

A fun and creative way to use up leftover mashed potatoes - You can make these stuffed potato pancakes with any kind of meat.

Pickle lovers unite for these mouth-watering stuffed pickles!


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