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National Wine & Cheese Day

One of the most basic, yet classic food and drink pairings is wine and cheese. Sipping a tangy red or sweet white between bites of a creamy, nutty cheese is one of the most pleasant experiences! Whether you're a simple 5$ rosé from the corner store and a cheddar on a Ritz vibe or a fine diner with expensive taste, this National Wine & Cheese Day is a day for you to celebrate!

Today is the perfect day to learn what goes together in the wine and cheese world. Knowledge is power and there are lots of ways to learn about what wine and cheese pairings you/others will enjoy! Vinepair's illustrated guide to pairings is a fun way to get started.

Personally, I adore a Rosé Zinfandel paired with a bold aged cheddar cheese! Zinfandel is a wine that brims with confidence, and for good reason. It starts strong with explosions of candied fruitiness followed by a bit of spice, and it finishes with a somewhat smoky finish. Hard, aged, and bold cheeses with strong or sharp flavors tend to match up best with the big taste of zinfandel.

Curd is the Word contributor Lynn's favorite pairing is a soft-ripened Brie or Camembert with a Pinot Noir! She says about the pairing, "When Brie is younger, it has mild flavors which need a mild wine to pair. Too strong of a wine will overpower its delicate and soft flavors. Pinot Noir is light bodied, letting the flavors of the cheese shine! I also love soft-ripened cheeses with sweet counterparts, so these cheeses are also great with a semi-sweet sparkling wine. Not too sweet, though, or it'll mask all the deliciousness of the cheese!"

Curd is the Word contributor Sophia's favorite pairing is the infamous veined blue cheese Gorgonzola and Moscato d’Asti! She says about the pairing, "There's something about pairing a heavy funky pungent cheese with a sweeter wine. The fresh, fizzy and pleasantly sweet taste of Moscato d’Asti breaks through the strong and overpowering taste of Gorgonzola to create a pair that can only be symbolized as ying and yang. My favorite brand of Moscato is the classic Italian brand Bartenura. If you really want a treat for the ages, top your Gorgonzola with some dark chocolate and you'll really be taking your taste-buds for a ride!"

What's the best way to sample wine and cheese together?

To truly enjoy the flavors of both the wine and cheese, take a little sip of wine first. Then a small bite of cheese. While the cheese is still in your mouth, take another sip of wine and let the flavors melt together.

What are some tips for pairing wine and cheese?

Start by choosing a cheese and wine with similar intensity; bold wines need sharp flavored cheeses, while lighter wines do best with milder cheese varieties. Consider matching textures, or about contrasting them. If you have a salty or stinky cheese, a sweeter wine will pair best. And if you're in doubt and completely lost about which cheese to choose, a frim, nutty cheese like gouda or gruyere is always a safe bet!

Enjoy National Wine and Cheese Day!

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