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  • Lynn

Pairing of the Day: Bourbon and Proosdij Cheese

Proosdij is a firm washed-curd cheese made with mixed-strain cultures creating aroma, flavor, and texture profiles a cross between Gouda and Parmesan. Parrano, Kaaslands Kanaal, and V.S.O.C. Red Label are al proosdijs.

Why does proosdij and bourbon work so well together? Bourbon's natural creaminess and subtle notes of smoke and brown sugar play up proosdij's own creaminess and sweetness while bringing out deeper tastes of caramel and toffee in both. Since proosdij cheeses represent the best of goudas and parmesan styles, the fudgy crunch of each bite texturally compliments the smooth yet bold bite of bourbon. Add a square of chocolate or two for a bourbon butterfinger bite!


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