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Pegasus Distillerie's Meteorite-Infused Vodka

In a world where unique flavors and exotic ingredients constantly vie for attention in the spirits market, Pegasus Distillerie steps into the limelight with a stellar creation that's truly out of this world. Imagine sipping on a vodka infused with the essence of a meteorite, a concoction that promises not just a drink, but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

The latest release from Pegasus Distillerie, aptly named Shooting Star Vodka, redefines luxury in the spirits realm. Unlike mere gimmicks of filtering through meteorites, this vodka undergoes a transformative process, aging in terracotta amphoras from Italy for a minimum of a year, with a genuine meteorite suspended within. It's a fusion of craftsmanship and cosmic allure, guided by Maxime Girardin, the brand's visionary founder and master distiller.

Girardin's dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of Shooting Star Vodka's creation. Drawing inspiration from the celestial realm, Pegasus Distillerie ensures that only the finest organic, locally sourced ingredients are used in their craft. And while the concept of a meteorite-infused vodka might seem surreal, the result is an extraordinary flavor profile, enriched by the infusion of chondrite, a mineral found exclusively in meteorites.

But when can enthusiasts embark on this cosmic journey? Pegasus Distillerie tantalizes with anticipation, teasing the imminent release of Shooting Star Vodka as part of their debut in the United States. Alongside flagship vodkas and Orion Gin, this celestial elixir will soon grace shelves in select states, inviting adventurers to indulge in a taste unlike any other.

As the spirits landscape continues to evolve, Pegasus Distillerie stands as a beacon of ingenuity and refinement. With Shooting Star Vodka, they invite us to transcend the mundane and embrace the extraordinary. So, raise your glass to the cosmos and embark on a journey of taste and wonder with Pegasus Distillerie's latest creation. Cheers to the stars!


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