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Pizza Hut's New Hot Honey 'Goodbye Pies' for Your Valentine's Day Break Up

Love Lost, Pizza Found: Pizza Hut's Heartbreak "Goodbye" Pies for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, and so is the scent of freshly baked pizza dough – or is that the aroma of a freshly broken heart? This Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut is flipping the script on romantic dinners, introducing a slice of solace for those navigating the treacherous waters of heartbreak. Move over candlelit dinners, because Pizza Hut is here to deliver the perfect post-breakup remedy: Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies."

In a world where roses symbolize love, Pizza Hut believes that sometimes a pizza box can carry the weight of a thousand heartbreaks. Sure, it may not be the most romantic dinner for Valentine's Day, but who needs romance when you have a piping hot pizza that's way too big for one person?

Pizza Hut's Goodbye Pie for Valentine's Day Break Ups
Pizza Hut's Goodbye Pie for Valentine's Day Break Ups Photo: Pizza Hut / Chew Boom

According to Pizza Hut, there’s a misconception that breakups don’t happen around Valentine’s Day, but research shows it’s actually a holiday centered around the most heartbreak with 45% of people agreeing it’s better to pull the plug right before the lovey-dovey festivities kick in. There’s even a phenomenon called ‘Red Tuesday’, which is the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, where people break up more often than not.

To commemorate this breakup-prone occasion, Pizza Hut is launching its limited-edition Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies" from Red Tuesday, February 6, through Valentine’s Day. These pizzas promise to deliver spicy news in a sweet way – because nothing says "I'm breaking up with you" like a Hot Honey-infused pizza with a dash of fiery flavor.

As part of the promotion, Pizza Hut will assist you in ending things amicably by delivering a personalized message on custom packaging alongside your very own Hot Honey Goodbye Pie. The custom pizza boxes even leave room for your soon-to-be ex's name, ensuring that the breakup is as uniquely crafted as the pizza itself.

But here's the kicker – Pizza Hut is offering this heartbreak remedy for free! Simply visit starting February 6, and say goodbye to that awkward breakup conversation by sending a pizza instead. This offer is available through February 14 in select locations across NYC, Chicago, and Miami – the notorious heartbreak hubs. Can't find your city on the list? Fear not; the website also allows you to request Pizza Hut to write a breakup text for you, accompanied by a link to a gift card for your future ex to redeem a free Hot Honey pizza. Talk about a slice of poetic justice!

And if you're not in the mood for a breakup but still want to spice things up, Pizza Hut's new Hot Honey Pizza and Wings are available nationwide at participating locations. Starting at $11.99 for a medium pizza and $5.99 for a 6-count of boneless wings, these offerings promise the perfect blend of sweet and heat. The Hot Honey Pizza features a generous layer of cheese, classic pepperoni, and a drizzle of honey infused with chili peppers, while the Hot Honey Wings come in both bone-in and boneless versions, double-dipped in sensational sweet heat flavors.

This Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut is rewriting the breakup narrative with a touch of spice and a whole lot of sweetness. Whether you're bidding farewell to love or just craving a flavorful escape, the Hot Honey "Goodbye Pies" are here to satisfy your cravings – because nothing mends a broken heart like a warm slice of pizza and the promise of a spicier future. Cheers to Hot Honey, heartbreak, and the healing power of pizza!


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