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  • Lynn

Popsicles Were Invented by an 11-Year-Old!

The story behind the icy treat that's been keeping people cool since 1905.

The year was 1905...11 year old Frank Epperson was enjoying a cup of soda on the porch of his San Francisco home on a cool winter's day. It was popular at this time to make soda using drink powder and soda water. He mistakenly left his soda, along with the wooden stirring stick, out on the porch overnight. That night was very cold, and the next morning Frank found his soda frozen solid on the porch. He attempted to remove the stirring stick, but the frozen block of soda came along with it.

Frank called this frozen treat the “Epsicle.” He showed it to his friends and they were instantly amazed. For about 18 years, Frank did nothing with his invention. He would make the icy treat on a stick for his own children, who began to call it “Pop’s ‘sicle.” He liked the name and eventually, in 1923, he began to produce several flavors of Popsicle and applied for a patent. The rest is history!

Today, millions of Popsicles are eaten around the world each year and they're sold in over 30 different flavors. Next time you're sweating bullets on a hot summer day and reach for an ice cold Popsicle to cool you down, you have Frank Epperson to thank!


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