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Q&A with Stéphanie Potdevin of Pâtisserie des Flandres

Venture into the culinary haven of Pâtisserie des Flandres, a distinguished French establishment renowned for curating a delectable array of authentic snacks and gourmet experiences using only the finest, quality materials.

What truly sets Pâtisserie des Flandres apart is its unwavering passion for preserving the essence of great French cuisine. Their exquisite range of products promises an unparalleled sensory journey that encapsulates the true essence of French gastronomy.

Tresors Gourmet Butter Crackers
Image Courtesy of Pâtisserie des Flandres

What is your passion? Tell us about it.

A. First of all, our passion is baking traditional waffles. Our region offers different gastronomic specialties, such as soft filled waffles and thin, crispy butter waffles to pair with coffee, ice cream and more. Our passion for traditional recipes also leads us to create new products with a waffle-based dough, such as crackers and butter crackers for a gourmet authentic snack experience. Our staff are pastry cooks, we select and use natural and “real” ingredients like butter, cheese, eggs etc… (no cheese powders for it is important to pursue the tradition even in innovative recipes and to offer a high quality snack to the consumers).

What inspired you to persue this passion? Tell us the story.

A. We are proud of our region and its tradition and gastronomy. It is a living gastronomy with its innovations in link with tradition. The fact that people discover our typical products from North of France promotes our know-how in the world. Our pastry cooks are passionate and still work to offer a delicious product made with quality raw materials.

What makes your creation unique?

A. Our products are made in the North of France with quality raw materials. We offer original products with a waffle-base. In all our products, we use around 30% to 40% of real PDO cheese. We are always looking for partnership with local suppliers for our cheeses. Our products represent great French cuisine and are produced by French food lovers. They are ready to eat and are perfect with a good wine or beer.

Tell us about your creative process.

A. Our R&D operator is a pastry cook passionate with renewing recipes, using the tradition to innovate, and is really creative in ideas and recipes. We innovate a lot, especially in the conception of our butter crackers. We melt cheese in the dough with many different ingredients. Every ingredient is meticulously measured, and the recipe must be flawlessly executed to achieve perfection once it's baked. This process creates perfectly crispy and tasty butter crackers.

Who is your audience? How do you engage them?

A. Our butter crackers are for every food lover who likes premium snack products, with a test that matches with the promise of taste (authentic cheese French snack). Consumers are looking for better products, clean label, without preservatives, without palm oil, without colors etc… Our products offer an authentic and gourmet taste, thanks to the real ingredients we use, baking in an oven (better than fried) and consumers love them. Also, for those who like to discover new tastes from around the world and those who like to share new products with friends or relatives. Also, we engage our customers through a regular renewal of our lines. Each year, new recipes are launched. We thrive in finding new cheeses to match with our butter crackers. Cheese lovers also appreciate the fact that we use 30% to 40% of real cheese in the recipes. They find their favorite cheese taste in a crispy cracker! What a treat !

What experience does your passion create? What can recipients expect?

A. We offer a unique experience with cheese. We have created original French recipes thanks to our quality PDO cheese. Each bite is rich in taste, and we use real cheeses instead of powders, which completely changes the taste.

Where can your creations be found?

A. In the best stores in France (specialty stores, food service, supermarkets), and abroad. In the USA, our products are in deli stores around the country. Our products are also in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, where gourmet consumers can be met. We exhibit in B2B international food fairs to propose the products to new customers, for example the Fancy Food Show in New York where we’ve won the Sofi Award 2023 of the best new snack, SIAL in Paris and Gulfood Dubai…

What is next?

A. We still want to innovate to offer a large choice of products to our community and to people around the world. We know that our process can offer a variety of products. We have launched a new line of soft filled waffles for restaurants and caterers. We’ve won the prestigious “SIAL innovation award” in Paris thanks to our new waffle. While our soft filled waffles are usually sweet, we are proposing a new soft-filled waffle with Maroilles cheese cream, to be served with salads, in buffet, and more. What’s next? New recipes are being tested in our R&D lab, so stay tuned for more to come! Always aiming at quality and taste.


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