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Scallion Latte: Spring Onion-Infused Coffee Is All the Rage in China

Imagine having to ask your barista to hold the scallions when you order your morning brew. It sounds like a joke, right? Yet, in China, this peculiar request is becoming increasingly common as the spring onion-infused latte takes the coffee world by storm.

Spring onions and coffee might seem like an odd pairing, but this unique combination is all the rage in China right now. A quick search for the hashtag #springonionlatte on TikTok or Instagram reveals a plethora of photos and videos featuring latte cups adorned with chopped scallions. This trend went viral last month when several Asian media outlets spotlighted the unusual drink, dubbing it one of the most surprising concoctions ever attempted.

Green Onion Latte, Scallion Latte
Green Onion Latte, Scallion Latte

Creating a scallion latte is a straightforward process: mash a few green onions in the bottom of the cup, add ice, milk, and coffee, and then finish it off with a generous topping of chopped green onions. The result is a beverage that is as visually striking as it is unconventional.

The exact origins of the spring onion latte are shrouded in mystery. No one knows precisely where, when, or how it was first concocted. However, in recent months, this quirky creation has gained enough popularity to be featured in numerous coffee shops, drawing significant attention online. It is the latest addition to a growing list of bizarre food combinations known as ‘dark cuisine,’ or ‘hei an liao li’ in China. Dark cuisine challenges culinary norms and pushes the boundaries of taste and texture.

Reactions to the spring onion latte are predictably mixed. Some people are bewildered by the concept, never imagining they'd one day need to specify “no onions” in their coffee orders. Others are curious about the unique flavor profile, intrigued but wary of the potential for bad breath.

Despite the divided opinions, the spring onion latte represents a fascinating culinary experiment. It reflects a broader trend in which food and drink enthusiasts are increasingly willing to explore unconventional pairings and challenge their palates. So, would you dare to try a scallion latte, or will you stick to your classic coffee order?


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