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Shockingly Easy Granola Bar Ice Pops

Everyone has seen the many different viral videos where one or two ingredients magically transform into something totally new and delicious. Sometimes they are too good to be true, but not this one.

This granola bar ice pop hack from @ballehurns will blow you away!

It starts out as simple as picking your favorite granola or cereal bar. First, with the bar sealed, use your fingers or the back end of a wooden spoon to break the bar up into pieces. The idea is for there to be pieces of the bar floating throughout your ice pop.

Then, open up the bar on one end, taking care not to rip the packaging down the side - you want to create an opening to pour in the milk.

Next, pour in your milk of choice all the way to the top. Push a popsicle stick or plastic spoon in so your ice pop has a handle, and that's it! Place the bar(s) in a freeze cup so it sits upright and place in the freezer for 3-4 hours, or overnight to freeze.

The outcome is an absolutely decadent frozen treat you'd never expect started with just two simple ingredients. The milk softens the cereal bar as it freezes and the cereal bar flavors the milk, just like the leftover milk after a bowl of sugary cereal - so delicious!


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