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Spooktacular Monster-Themed Pizzas for Halloween

When you think of Halloween, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Candy, right? Well, think again! Halloween is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen and cook up some monstrously delicious treats. And what better way to do that than by creating your very own monster-themed pizzas? That's right, folks, the baddest witches this spooky season are about to prove that Halloween isn't just about candy – it's about scary-good eats too!

Halloween-themed pizzas utilize the magic of the season to create a thrilling meal that is as much fun to make as it is to eat. Much like there's no one way to cast a spell, there's no one way to whip up a Halloween-themed pizza! Whether you enjoy a large family-sized pie, personal-sized pie, homemade dough, or a premade crust, a Halloween pizza can be customized in any shape or size. However, using raw dough allows more room for ambitious pizza makers to be creative with the shapes and toppings.

Recipe via Tip Buzz

Give your Halloween pizza a creepy, crawly twist by using olive slices to create a spider on the design! This method is quick, easy and can be done on any pizza, from delivery service to mini pizzas to frozen pizza. With minimal prep time, this is a perfect fun activity to do with family and friends!

Recipe via Tip Buzz

Build your own adorably spooky mummy using Pillsbury dough crust. The inside of the crust can be filled with pizza sauce and mozzarella for the gooiest cheese pull, with pepperoni for some extra filling. Pop some black olives in place for the spooky eyes that will be staring back at you as you take your first bite!

Recipe via Tip Buzz

These creepy pizza fingers look like a wicked witch's fingers! Channel your inner witch to create this appetizer. Complete the look with red bell pepper for the fingernails!

Recipes via Family Fresh Meals

Create a vampire pizza with black olives for hair, green olive eyes, and a pepperoni mouth and fangs. For a Jack-o-Lantern, take kitchen scissors to cut out pepperoni and cheese in the shape of different sized triangles for the eyes and nose (as pictured above) and a mouth made however you like.

For a mummy, you can cut mozzarella sticks into strips and lay them out to look like mummy bandages - make sure you don't forget the olive eyes! To create a spooky spider, use one whole olive for the head, with diced black olives for the body (as pictured above) - crispy bacon as legs are delicious!

For more ideas, check out Family Fresh Meal's website!


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