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Spooky Vampire Mimosas

This adult beverage is for anyone who likes to go all-out for Halloween. It's spooky, sparkly and full of flavor! Vampire Mimosas are super easy to make and will surely have your party guests talking.

To make this spooky drink, @thespritzeffect rims the stemless champagne glasses. She explains in the comments that she used a blend of corn syrup and red food coloring, but you can also use honey with red food coloring. She then freezes the glasses to set the blood-like rim in place. After a few minutes in the freezer, she adds pomegranate juice, food-grade glitter, and champagne. Stir that spooktacular mimosa up and it's ready to serve!

To make this fun and festive drink kid-friendly, use ginger ale or seltzer water in place of champagne. If you're not a fan of pomegranate juice, substitute it with a little grenadine for the blood-red color and sweetness. Spooky Shirley Temples anyone?


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