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Stay Saucy and Energized: 5-Hour Energy’s New Peach Mango BBQ Sauce

Summer is officially here, and with the Fourth of July just around the corner, BBQ enthusiasts are gearing up for the ultimate grilling season. The sun is blazing, the days are longer, and energy levels often plummet under the relentless heat. But fear not! 5-Hour Energy has just unveiled a game-changing solution: Energizing BBQ Sauce.

That's right—caffeinated BBQ sauce is now a reality.

5 Hour Energy BBQ Sauce, Peach Mango   Photo By: 5 Hour Energy, Food Beast
5 Hour Energy BBQ Sauce, Peach Mango Photo By: 5 Hour Energy, Food Beast

Introducing the Peach Mango BBQ flavor, this sauce is designed to reinvigorate your summer festivities with a powerful kick of 60mg of caffeine per serving. Imagine enjoying the tangy sweetness of peach and mango while getting the same energy boost as a cup of coffee with every bite.

5-Hour Energy has scheduled three drops on July 2nd, July 9th, and July 16th, so there are plenty of chances to get your hands on this unique BBQ companion.

“From my own family cookouts, I know how exhausting BBQing can be. From grilling to hosting and all the fun lawn games that happen in between, it's often an all-day affair," said Jeff Sigouin, President and COO of Living Essentials, the makers of 5-Hour Energy. "As we continue to redefine what 5-hour zenergy is and can be, we're excited to be the first energy brand to offer hardworking BBQ aficionados what they really need — a caffeinated sauce to help stay focused and keep the party going.” - via Food Beast.

So, fire up those grills, slather on some Peach Mango BBQ sauce, and let the caffeine-fueled festivities begin. Stay lit, stay saucy, and have a safe and energized Fourth of July!


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