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Step Your Margarita Game Up with These 5 Creative Recipes!

No matter the season, a margarita never goes out of style!

National Margarita Day (February 22) is a holiday that celebrates the classic tequila-based cocktail. This drink has become iconic around the world, with countless variations and interpretations.

Grab your favorite tequila and get to shaking! For those who aren’t so keen on tequila, you can still enjoy National Margarita Day with a vodkarita recipe below. And if you’re tight on time but want to get your celebratory self on, margarita mixes are a perfect alternative.

A margarita is basically a vacation in a glass, so consider yourself on a staycation!

A splash of lavender simple syrup adds bright floral notes to this classic cocktail. Mix dried lavender with sugar to line the rims of each glass for an even tastier experience!


This delightfully tangy and smooth vodka margarita, aka vodkarita, is a wonderful spin on a classic margarita drink! This easy-to-make cocktail combines all of the usual margarita ingredients with vodka for a refreshing cocktail that you're sure to love!


I probably don’t have to remind you how yummy a Dole Whip is right!? They’re so deliciously smooth and creamy; this Pineapple Dole Whip Margarita is the perfect grown-up version of that sugary sweet treat from your youth!


A unique twist on spicy and sweet - This cocktail recipe will surprise your tastebuds!


Margarita and avocado lovers unite for this creamy and delicious avocado margarita recipe!

This margarita makes you feel like you're being healthy while drinking tequila!


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