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Taylor Ham Ice Cream, New Jersey's Unexpected Delight

New Jersey is a state that knows how to spark a debate. Whether it’s the infamous "Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll" feud or arguing over the best pizza joint, Garden State residents are passionate about their preferences. But amidst the endless banter, there's one thing we can all agree on: the joy of indulging in a delicious breakfast meat, no matter what you call it.

Enter Windy Brow Farms in Fredon Township, NJ, where a culinary wizard named Jake Hunt has taken the beloved Taylor Ham and transformed it into something truly extraordinary: Taylor Ham & French Toast ice cream. Yes, you read that right—ice cream infused with the essence of everyone's favorite breakfast staple.

As summer rolls around, this viral flavor takes center stage, flooding social media feeds with its enticing swirls of crispy Taylor Ham and maple syrup-infused brioche. But what makes this unconventional concoction so irresistible?

It all starts with Windy Brow's own dark-toasted brioche, soaked in rich maple syrup for an indulgent sweetness. After a meticulous two-day infusion process, the maple-soaked bread is blended into a creamy ice cream base, creating a luscious backdrop for the star ingredient: crispy Taylor Ham.

The marriage of savory and sweet might raise eyebrows at first, but trust me, it's a match made in culinary heaven. The spices and seasonings of Taylor Ham perfectly complement the maple-scented ice cream and buttery French toast, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds.

But Windy Brow Farms is more than just a destination for adventurous ice cream enthusiasts. Nestled on a historic property that dates back over a century, this family-owned farm boasts an on-premise bakery where all the breads and baked goods are crafted with care. From flaky croissants to pillowy donuts, each treat is a testament to the farm's commitment to quality and tradition.

This summer, embrace your inner foodie and embark on a flavor adventure to Windy Brow Farms. Take a scoop of Taylor Ham ice cream and discover why it's more than just a gimmick—it's a culinary masterpiece that captures the spirit of New Jersey. Who knows, you might just find yourself a convert to the cult of Taylor Ham!


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