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  • Lynn

The Best Way To Store Cheese

If you love cheese, you know well that it's not cheap! To get the most out of your delicious investment, use these storage tips to keep your cheese fresh and tasty till the last bite.

Cheese on plate in refrigerator.

Keeping cheese fresh means keeping the moisture in check. Too much moisture promotes mold growth while too little dries out your cheese. You likely store your cheese in plastic wrap or a plastic bag, but this is not the way to go. It traps moisture and creates a humid environment for mold to thrive! It can also add a plasticky or ammoniated taste or smell to your cheese, and no one wants that.

The best way to store cheese? In cheese paper or a lidded glass container. Fresh, softer cheeses like feta, mozzarella and brie may be difficult to wrap and therefore are best stored in a glass container. Harder cheeses should be wrapped in cheese paper, like these from Formaticum. Cheese paper allows the cheese to breathe, controlling the moisture level.


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