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The Crunchy Part of a Kit Kat is Made From What!?

Think you know what's inside a Kit Kat? Though the popular candy bars are billed as chocolate covered wafer bars, it turns out you're not just indulging in a classy cookie when you take a bite of one of the delicious creations.

A BBC 2 show called Inside the Factory went behind the scenes at the Nestle plant in York, England and revealed that the crispy wafers are stuffed with crushed up Kit Kats!

The revelation came when presenter Gregg Wallace inquired about what happens to all of the broken confections. A factory worker dished that they go into re-work, where they're used for the fillings for the wafer.

Makes you wonder... How was the first Kit Kat bar made?

However, the production process for Kit Kats in the U.K is likely not identical to the one that occurs in the U.S. This is because Kit Kats in U.K are manufactured by Nestle, while the U.S is manufactured by Hershey.


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