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The End of an Era - Arizona Iced Teas Are No Longer 99 Cents Everywhere Now

Keeping it 99 cents for almost 3 decades it seemed to social media users that inflation had finally reached the ever-99-cent Arizona Iced Tea.

On April 3, a Twitter user posted their unfortunate finding online - their local store's Arizona beverage mini-fridge was marked with a sign reading $1.25.

The company responded by deflecting the elephant in the room and instead pointing out a gallon of milk visibly out of place in the same cooler. After years of expecting the steadiness that was the Arizona Iced Tea price, fans voiced their upset in the comments. "But the price is on the can though," wrote one confused customer - this fact might be the tea's saving grace!

However, according to a Q&A on Arizona's website, prices are sometimes increased by the retailer despite the listed price being clear : " We pre-printed our cans with our suggested retail because we wanted to force retailers into selling at that price. Retailers, however, are independent business people and can set a price whatever they prefer. We do make and sell non-priced cans as well."

To limit your worry about a potential permanent price change, you should note the promise the company made in 2022. Company founder Don Vutlaggio made the promise to retain the drink's original price for as long as they can. Vutlaggio explained that by selling more products, mainly by word of mouth advertising, it can prevent a raise in price.

In recent years, the cost of aluminum, delivery costs, and high fructose corn syrup have skyrocketed. In a 2022 Zoom call, Vultaggio expanded on his decision. While prices on many things are increasing, he doesn't want his company's products to become one of them. "Consumers don't need another price increase from a guy like me," he said. This doesn't mean you won't run into price differences at independent stores, but for the time being, Arizona Iced Tea is holding steady!


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