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The FDA Is Being Asked To Investigate This Popular Energy Drink

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has called on the FDA to investigate PRIME energy drinks for their high caffeine content. The brand, started founded by the YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, has become very popular among teens and pre-teens, despite a warning on the bottles stating the beverage is "not recommended for children under 18."

One 12-ounce can of PRIME Energy has a whopping 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is equivalent to nearly two Red Bulls! Although the label of the beverage clearly states that it is not recommended for children under 18, much of Logan Paul and KSI's audience is comprised of those under the age of 18. PRIME has become so wildly popular that it has been selling out at supermarkets, sparking a second-hand market in several schools with students re-selling cans. Some U.S. schools have even banned PRIME.

Senator Chuck Schumer has called out PRIME and their marketing of the caffeinated beverage to children, stating "kids see it on their phones as they scroll, and then they actually have a need for it...and the problem here is that the product has so much caffeine in it that it puts Red Bull to shame."

PRIME nor the FDA have yet to make any statements about the matter.


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