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  • Lynn

The King's Hand: A "Culinary Fever Dream"

Many wonderful things have come from dreams: Frankenstein, the sewing machine, Let It Be by the Beatles, and...The King's Hand.

On December 6, 2020, a Wisconsin man named Arseny posted to Twitter a meal that came to him in a dream: a hollow hand made of an M&M's cookie, filled with Greek salad. He went into depth about the week-long process of making The King's Hand, from making a silicone mold of his hand and making the M&M's cookie dough, to hollowing it out and filling the inside with Greek salad.

Arseny could not let all of his hard work go to waste, of course, so he did eat the King's Hand. He said to BuzzFeed News, "It's hard for me to tell you how King's Hand tasted...I dreamed it up in my dreams, so when I bit into it, it was very rewarding. I was like, oh my god, I'm eating my dream food. If another person were to bite into King's Hand, they could barf. I don't know."

The lesson in all of this? Follow your dreams!


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